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מיכל קרק

 סיורי נישה בתל אביב

סיורים בתל אביב
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מיכל קרקינובסקי  טל' 050-7826588   michal.tlv.tour@gmail.com

 English Tours in Tel Aviv

 Out of the Frame – TLV Urban Tours
a Licensed Tour Guide, and a Graffiti Invastigator 

about me :
Living breathing and guiding in Tel Aviv for over a decade. Studied art, Judaism and Far East. Graduated from TLV university. Specializes in urban art and culture, and very much in love with the local street-art and graffiti scene, where I finds surprises, creativity, beautiful walls, anger and humor 

 to book a PRIVATE TOUR- contact me at 0507-826588
or via email: michal.tlv.tour@gmail.com

My TLV Graffiti Tour is the perfect way to discover a new mysteries world of art and activism, where beautiful, clever, colorful and sometimes huge-scaled street-art and graffiti cover the walls and take over the streets, often so impressive, it makes one lose a heart bit

Discover amazing Street Art and Graffiti, in a variety of styles, technics and massages
Talking graffiti, from the ligule status to personal stories, to everything yo wish to know (and I am aloud to tell) about graffiti and street art in Tel Aviv
Learn how read the writing on the walls and how to find its "hidden jams", making your everyday walk in the city a fascinating journey of treasures seeking
Walk through FLORENTIN front and back, we will enjoy its young and free atmosphere and get tips for hot nightlife spots and great food in the area and
Talk about History, demography, gentrification and see it happens with your on eyes
Open your mind, be exposed to something new, laugh

ask how street art and graffiti affect the urban view and the people of the city. Ask if its legal, and about the authorities stand. Do the artists try to protest and what about and what against? What makes a street artist tick? Why does she do it out in the street? Ask if the walls present you with anger or do they make you laugh
In the south of the city, at an area of small industry, wild nightlife, tattoo shops, galleries, vegan restaurants and more dogs and pat-shops than drugstores, is the magical neighborhood called Florentine. There we will walk through the gallery of the streets, revealing large, colorful, and detailed works of anonymous artists that are a mystery to most.
Known to have a special charm, excellent food and vivid nightlife, together with being famous for its amazing wealth of flourishing street art and graffiti, Florentine has lately become an attraction not only for artists and cheap renters but also for tourists and landsharks, renewing the city, replacing workshops for tall building, rapidly changing the urban view of Florentine, creating a shiny habitat from what used to be downtown.
That’s why this might be your last chance to see the surprising bounty of humor and wisdom, talent and inspiration and gallons of spray paint dominating the walls of Florentine, creating a huge free outdoor gallery for everyone to see. And talk about the history, demography and current gentrification its going through

you can  also book me privetly for any of the tours below and more

Artsy Rothschild
Come and walk with me to discover the artistic side of Rothschild Boulevard.  We will travel down a path of authentic Bauhaus buildings, where we will meet modern Israeli sculptures and street art.  You will be immersed in Israeli sculpture, and see its influence in history and solve the riddle of contemporary Tel Aviv culture.
This tour is available during the day and night.

The Waking City
Legendary people, dreamy houses, love stories, and great ambition drained into one place – Achuzat Bayit, the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv.  Achuzat Bayit was and still is the beating heart of the city.  We will walk down small streets of enormous beauty and listen to historical facts and funny anecdotes about the people who made Tel Aviv what it is today.
This tour is available during the day and night.

Street Art: Through the Back Door of Tel Aviv
In the south of the city, in an area of small industry, big surprises are waiting for you.  Come and discover the underground world of the graffiti artists of south Tel Aviv.  On this tour, we will walk through the gallery of the streets, which will reveal large, colorful, and detailed works of anonymous artists that are a mystery to most.
This tour is available during the day.

The Writing on the Wall: Street Art at the City’s Heart
Israeli graffiti artists use Hebrew to express themselves on the city walls, but they never use Hebrew for their names.  What does the writing on the wall say?  Who are these artists?  What do the artists wish to convey and what do they wish to hide?  Join me for a fascinating tour in a city where the streets actually speak.
The tour is available during the day.

Please use the following contact information to schedule tours
Michal krak –  Urban Tour Guide    Michal.tlv.tour@gmail.com